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Fall brings beautiful colors and early mountain snowfalls. Photo © ChuckHaney.com  <  || >
Biking the Going-to-the-Sun Road in the Autumn
Skip the summer crowds and enjoy the fall

The autumn is a time of catharsis. Unlike the raging rivers of the spring, the forever days of summer, or the dark snows of winter, it’s the cycle of the trees, the coming slumber of the bears, the growing cold and stillness of the mornings that is a favorite time for locals to ride the Going-to-the-Sun Road after the cars have left.

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A bike ride on this swath of pavement delicately cut through the gut of the park is a remarkable way to take in the magnificence of Glacier. First, in the busy summer months, the road is packed with every kind of motorized vehicle short enough to navigate the twisting turns to the pass. Second, it’s special because there are only short windows of time each spring and fall when it’s possible to feel the road like this.

Gaze at the green pools of water in the slow-trickling McDonald Creek. It’s the time of year when the weight of a million acres of wilderness inside this park seems even more pressing. Yellow leaves tumble across the road as you ride playfully in the middle of the double yellow lines. The cap of stark-white snow that is splattered on the heavy peaks bleeds into the contrasts of red, gold, and green as the quiet woods await their future snowy blanket.

As you silently climb, the road gradually begins to rise up toward the Garden Wall, soft clouds resting on its sharp saw edges of rock. Avalanche chutes spilling from Mount Cannon are ablaze with red huckleberry leaves and the orange of spent fireweed, topped with horizontal slashes of snow cling to stacked sedimentary rock.

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Latitude: 48.617123000
Longitude: -113.875513000
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